My new dog, Jazzy, picture is of Karubi, I do not have a camera at this time

I still am in awe on how everything turned out. I finally found transportation to a shelter. Once we got there they were closed. My heart sank. Here I have transportation but I could not find a suitable dog.

One of the workers came out. I told her of my situation. She immediately came up with Jazzy. She gave me the fosters number. I thought to myself this is to good to be true.

I called the foster mom. Jazzy sounded wonderful. I did not want to meet her alone. Knowing me I would have taken anything. We met at my trainer's friends place.

He evaluated her. We could tell she had been mistreated. You could see it in her eyes. Her foster mom told me the story of how she was found. I cannot say it. It was terrible.

Mat, my trainer, thought she would be a good match. He wanted me to take time to think about it before I made a final decision. I called him back up on a Mon. I told him yes I wanted her. He was thrilled. He was amazed at her and her reaction.

When I first met Rudy, my first seizure dog he came out from the chairs to meet me. He was under his owners chair. She brought him to show him to me.

Rudy looked into my eyes and licked my left hand. That did it. Jazzy did the same thing. I did not notice at the time. While my driver was taking me home, I let out a big gasp. She thought something was really bad. I told her no everything is OK. Matter of fact better then OK. To me it was a sign that she was meant for me. Rudy was giving me a sign. Tears came down my face. My tears before then was giving up tears.

Now Jazzy is here with me. Everyone here adores her. Matter of fact she is the best dog in the whole place. She gets lots of loving. We will start official training in about 1-2 weeks. The training is all paid for. The only big problem is she is afraid to get into a car. I do hope we can make her more comfortable in a car.

She is a yellow lab-retriever mix about 1-2 years old. Of course these are estimates. We do not know for sure. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of her. I do not have a camera.

As I have done with Karubi, you will hear a lot about her and our journey. It has been so long since I had anything positive. Now I see a bright future for both of us.

Vito has been such a big help to me. He actually through his work paved the way for Jazzy. He tried to get her to rave the pet deposit. She is going into training to be a service dog. She gave him and I a lot of problems.She really did not want me to have another dog. Their pet deposit here is way out of reach for anyone, $500. When I first came in it was $250. Of course since Karubi was already my seizure alert dog, she could not insist on the pet deposit.

The administrator was out there waiting for us to come. When she saw Jazzy and how good she was she asked me for proof of shots.I gave them to her. I was waiting for the bomb to drop. I was afraid I would have to pay the $500 pet deposit. Yes it is $500. She came out and gave me back the records. Then she had me sign a paper. She DID NOT ask for the pet deposit. I was in shock. Once we got into the apartment, I started crying and hugging Jazzy. Through all the failures. Being told no. I did not believe there was one out there for me.

It took all the failures to find the perfect one that was meant just for me. I had many supporters who kept me believing. Trying to keep me positive when all I could see was a black cloud.THANK YOU VITO, THE UNIVERSE, GOD AND EVERYONE ELSE RESPONSIBLE TO GIVE ME THE BIGGEST BLESSING OF ALL TIME.

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Comment by Vitolo Rossini on December 13, 2013 at 6:20am

I am so relieved for you.
I waited too, on your behalf, Spirit.
Patty also waited and prayed.
All of our hopes have come true with the arrival of Jazzy!


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