Long ago there was a 4th monkey commonly referred to in this symbolism. You see "Shizaru" here.

The Three Wise Monkeys (Mizaru - see no evil; Kikazaru - hear no evil; Iwazaru - speak no evil) ware very well known, Shizaru - represents do no evil (seen holding his crotch). This 4th monkey is rarely seen nowadays.
I invite you to Dogland Boardwalk to come see an exhibit of artwork relating to these ancient symbols. You will love the surroundings, and the art! 
Morality Monkeys, or "3 Wise Monkeys" as they are sometimes called are a symbol dating back to ancient Japan. I have been fascinated by the imagery and deep meaning behind their symbolism for a longtime. This is a collection of some of my favorites. 
From Dogland Park, by looking to the South, you will see a Boardwalk. This is the location of this unique showing. Enjoy the display, and... Hear no evil, see no evil, & speak no evil!
Any donations or sales generated by this display go to Dogland Park, and to "Survivors of TBI"(Traumatic Brain Injury)
For further info, contact : Vitolo Rossini
Morality Monkey Art Exhibit

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Comment by spiritoflife on May 1, 2011 at 4:54pm

I always wondered where the 3 wise monkeys came from. Leave it to Vito to know. Have a question. If he does not know the answer he will find it. Watch out for the next amazing insight from Master Dogfather LOL


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