Buster 2002- July 13th 2017

Smart loving and loyal service dog.

Lived in bed with me for two years, and then saw me through rehabilitation, and stayed to see me get strong.

Patty and I married, and Buster fell in love with Patty too, and followed her around, and stood between her and any visitor with suspicion.

Buster was with us for our entire marriage of ten years, and was especially close.

No dog like him.

We always would say… "He's a Buster".. as though that said it all.

We miss you, but were lucky to have your love.

See you on the other side, you good boy.

I invite all residents to have a copy of this functioning SL Pet to celebrate his life.His listing is on the SL marketplace at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Buster-Rhoda-…/2188566… but if you go to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rhoda/182/15/43 you will find a "vault" touch it to receive this SL pet free.

Read the post about the Virtual Buster at: Buster Comes to SL

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