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Jazzy my new service dog

Hi everyone,

It has been awhile since I wrote anything. Things have been really crazy in my rl. One of the best changes is Jazzy. She is my new service dog. She is really wonderful. She is a rescue.

The biggest problem I have is car sickness. She was found on I65 with her babies next to her dead. It appears she was thrown out of a car. I finally have her jumping into the car without any problems. Every time we go anyplace she gets sick. Does anyone have any advice to help her.…


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Here's a great article by the Psychic, Linda Lauren, about  Vito and Dogland.  I am posting it here, and will give a link at the end. Meet The Dogfather of Dogland: A Visit with Vitolo Rossini Articl…

Here's a great article by the Psychic, Linda Lauren, about  Vito and Dogland.  I am posting it here, and will give a link at the end. Meet The Dogfather of Dogland: A Visit with Vitolo Rossini Article by Linda Lauren  SL Enquirer 9/18/13 There is something about the virtual community of Second Life  that makes you want to mirror your everyday real life.  People do  that by creating avatars to look like themselves, or as much like  themselves as technically possible.  Admittedly, we…


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My new dog, Jazzy, picture is of Karubi, I do not have a camera at this time

I still am in awe on how everything turned out. I finally found transportation to a shelter. Once we got there they were closed. My heart sank. Here I have transportation but I could not find a suitable dog.

One of the workers came out. I told her of my situation. She immediately came up with Jazzy. She gave me the fosters number. I thought to myself this is to good to be true.

I called the foster mom. Jazzy sounded wonderful. I did not want to meet her alone. Knowing me I…


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update on service dog

Just thought I would update everyone on my service dog. I still miss Karubi. I do not feel him or see him. I loved him so much. He was my family. I have cried many times.

The Senior angel tree is giving me a special miracle this season. "this year we are adding a twist. One of our people lost their service dog". They are some how getting me one. I could not be happier. Yet where I live is giving me problems.So now I look to Christmas this year a very special one. I have seen two dogs…


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VKC Makes More Changes (2012)

VKC has made a move, that after the past year's changes and limitations, is not a surprise to any of us.

According to a conversation with a VKC Proven Trainer (name given privately on request) Genosse has removed all of the original types of dog from his dog parks, and the dogs will be remade.

They will be the new type of VKC Dog that owners can not make toys for, and that can not "take" objects that were made by all of the dog owners in the past.

The "source" went on to say…


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VKC Makes Changes

The creator of VKC Dogs in Second Life made some changes to his dogs.

A few days ago as he released the Husky that he promised well over a year ago. To everyones surprise, upon purchasing a dog we learned the dogs are no copy/no transfer. Each purchaser received a "user agreement" outlining the new ownership status!

Virtual Kennel Club End User License Agreement

The following agreement describes the terms of use by which…


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Our beloved Dogfather has a birthday Sept. 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is that time once again to thank our wonderful leader, Vito. He is one very special person. He helped Karubi and I so much at the beginning. He has supported me and cared for Karubi and I. He is even helping me find a new dog. Any dog cannot replace my beloved Karubi but I am so alone. Karubi does not like leaving me alone.

Vito from my heart and Karubi, we love you.





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Last post from Karubi. I love you all and enjoy life now.

It is in deepest sorrow that I write this. My dear beloved Karubi was put to sleep. He was battling arthritis. It got to the point he was tripping, limping, and his back end would give out. He was in a lot of pain. He kept going because of me. He would still have that smile on his face that I loved.

Karubi was my everything. He stood by me through so much. He was not just a service dog. He was my angel, companion, friend and even sometimes like a spouse. Much better spouse I have ever…


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SCARTY CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As many of you know, Karubi is a German Shepherd. That means he is a fairly big job in the eyes of many but not in his eyes.

There is one lady here who adores Karubi. She just loves to love on him. She takes care of him when others scream that he is dangerous. Several are still scared of him because of his size.

She got a dog that she can hold like a baby, a Yorkie. She is beautiful. Now her dog, Hoosier, is jealous of any dog next to her Mom. Karubi went up to say hi and he…


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WHAT IS THIS???????????????????

Where we live there is a wonderful nice lady. She just loves her dog. He means everything to her. He keeps her safe and secure. His name was Dilbert.

The poor thing had been so badly abused. Kids shooting him with bebe guns, putting him in the dryer and letting it run, etc. She rescued him and they were a pair. She would hold him like a baby.

Unfortunately Dilbert had an accident and had to be put to sleep. It tore her up. Her son got her a new baby Yorkie.

Karubi was just…


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BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got out of the hospital. Unfortunately my "rose colored glasses were removed". Poor Karubi and I have been through "hell" this past few months. I got to close to loosing him to the pound.

I went to ER in very bad shape. Poor Karubi was scared, confused and so worried. Here they were sticking all kinds of tubes in me and rushing around him. He was not able to comprehend what was going on. I was admitted with the dx: bowel obstruction. Surgery was being planed as I was laying… Continue

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the unrecognized heros of 9/11

Come on woman!! We have heard of human heroes of 9/11. Yes it was an awful day for our country. Ceremonies are being held all across the land for the ones who died and the ones who were lucky enough to live through it. Plus the family they left behind.

There is one population that is not heard of. The story of the hidden rescuers. THE K-9!!

Oh yes they were trained to do that. No it takes a special dog that has a heart. Whose only mission in that heart is to help…


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I think many of us have heard the term "tv hounds". Do we know what it means? Of course everyone does. Maybe not!

My dear Rex and Lyric both Cardigan Welsh Corgis loved the TV especially Animal Planet. NO WAY. YES WAY. They would follow the action and the different animals with their eyes. If they saw an animal they did not like they would bark their "heads off". Everyone from far and wide knew they were watching their favorite show. LOL

We had to make sure the TV was in a… Continue

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The beloved father of dogs,
Half dog (dog in previous life)
dog himself
and our wonderful friend VITO

SING OUT LOUD AND CLEAR (animals of all kinds and their masters)
To our dear friend
Father of all dogs
rl or sl

Love you my friend
Karubi and Spirit

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In Memory of my dear Rex

As I write this tears are forming in my eyes. Rex my beautiful feisty cardigan welsh corgi has passed away. He was the first service dog my ex and I had. Only problem he did what HE wanted to do. Him and my first service dog were very special. They were like brothers.

Even though he was smaller Rex was the boss. Our friend. who also was our obedience trainer, just could not do anything with him. She offered him to us. He was a full blooded Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He flunked in… Continue

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VKC, Taking a Bite Out of SL Dog Fun

The creator of VKC Dogs in Second Life felt that he had not alienated enough SL Residents from his dogs.

A few days ago as he released the Husky that he promised well over a year ago. To everyones surprise, upon purchasing a dog we learned the dogs are no copy/no transfer, and if that were…


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Watch out Karubi is back

Karubi and I are back. We had some computer problems. My mouse and keyboard died. We had to give it a proper burial. *smile


Karubi wants to welcome all new members to our family. We are a very close, caring and loving bunch. If not master Vito gets after us. JUST KIDDING!! He is the most loveable, caring man you will meet.I think he was a dog in a previous life *smile".


Be sure to add to the blogs, play the games. Answer or ask any questions. We love to hear…


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Dogland is a Google Home Page Theme!

That is correct! This Home Page Theme was used by over 100 Google users, and now has been listed Internationally as a theme choice for anyone using Google.

If you would like to use this as your home page, just touch "change themes", and type in…


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It is very sunny and warm today

Karubi was going nuts to go out

well maybe not

I took him out and told him to go

he refused to listen

I did it again

This time he paws me several times on my arm

He licks me in the face (he does not do that)

and looks deeply into my eyes begging me

Stupid Mama does not listen to his words with the action

OH NO PLEASE I have not had anything happen in a long time

I run to the door screaming… Continue

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Mr. Shaggy dog!!!

Right now I have changed Karubi's name to MR SHAGGY


Since the weather has changed now the fur is coming off



I have to vacuum everyday to get the CLUMPS of black hair out of my home

I pull it out outside

He leaves his fur everywhere


There are ways to help

  1. keep him well groomed (brush with a brush designed for dogs)
  2. scratch him: not only is it good for him it is good for you (it is like a…

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JazzLand Christmas

Started by Vitolo Rossini in Dogland and Virtual Dogs Dec 13, 2016. 0 Replies

JazzyStudent Resident, is the owner of JazzLand.. a special place she built to continue the traditions of Dogland Park, and provide continuity with the remaining Dog Park. Please find the time to…Continue

Regeneration of Original VKC Dogs: DON'T DO IT!

Started by Vitolo Rossini in Dogland and Virtual Dogs. Last reply by Vitolo Rossini Jan 14, 2015. 2 Replies

This is Dogland's Official advice concerning Regeneration of older VKC dogs. We recommend only updating and NEVER "upgrading" or "regenerating" (or other terms that may be used later). You can…Continue

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Blindfold Walk with GuideDog

Started by Vitolo Rossini in Real Life Dogs Aug 10, 2014. 0 Replies

Dogland Network member David B. said in a message to me;i have seen about the guide dogs i have been offered a chance to under go something called a blindfold walk? i dont know what it is because ive…Continue

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The Doctor is In

Started by Vitolo Rossini in Dogland and Virtual Dogs Feb 7, 2013. 0 Replies

The Doctor… a Time Traveling…Continue

Tags: Rhoda, TBI, VKC, Virtual_K9_Companion, Pets

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